How To Track And Analyze Your Website Traffic Using Google Analytics

February 19, 2023

If you have your own site, you may have heard of Google Analytics. This free service allows you to track and examine your web traffic, giving you great insight into your visitors' behaviors and desires. In this post, learn how to track and analyze your website traffic using Google Analytics.

Can Google Analytics track website traffic?

With Google Analytics, you can track traffic to your site in some exciting ways. For example, you can track how visitors found your site, how long they spent on it, and what pages they viewed.  Furthermore, you can gather all kinds of data using Google Analytics to analyze your website traffic. Our top-notch digital marketing agency USA also offers these services.

How do I track traffic to my website?

To track traffic to your website, use Google Analytics. Analytics allows you to collect primary data from your website. Here's how:

1. Obtain a Property ID for Analytics

  • Set up an Analytics account if you don't already have one.
  • Locate the Analytics Property ID.

2. Set up your site with the Analytics Property ID

  • Create a new Google Site on your computer.
  • Click Settings in the top right corner.
  • Select Analytics from the "Settings" window.
  • You should enter "UA-XXXXXX-X" or "G-XXXXXXX." for the Analytics Property ID.

Data can appear in Analytics after 24 hours.

3. View your data

  • Open Analytics.
  • Analyze your data. Learn how to use Analytics.

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How to track website traffic using google analytics?

You can access MonsterInsights' user-friendly reports straight from your dashboard, so you don't need to leave your website to view them. What if you want to view the origin of traffic in Google Analytics? Is there a way to do that? Various reports are available in Google Analytics to see website traffic statistics and other information regarding your website. However, despite that, there are a lot of confusing signs around. Start by signing into your Google Analytics account to find your needed data. This will help you find the numbers that matter most.

Use Universal Analytics to analyze all traffic to your website by going to Acquisition » All Traffic » Channels. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) users should head to Acquisition » Traffic Acquisition. In Google Analytics, you can find the web traffic report showing what channels drive the most traffic to your website. Using Organic Search as an example, you can see that most visitors come from search engines.

In your GA4 report, you can see what the medium is. In addition, you can go to the Source/Medium report under All Traffic if you want more detailed information on the medium. This will show your traffic source, along with the channel in which it was received. An analytics report might, for example, show which of the search engines generated the most traffic from the website. As you've discovered where traffic is coming to your website, it may be helpful to use Google Analytics to determine which website pages receive the most traffic.

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Website traffic analytics

There are many benefits to knowing where your website traffic is coming from as a marketer. Here are some reasons you should track your website traffic:

Understanding Your Visitors

You can identify your unique visitors' geographical location and the channels they use in Google Analytics by tracking their traffic sources. Doing so can improve your SEO strategy, understand their behavior, and provide targeted messages.

Marketing Campaign Measurement

An effective campaign will drive traffic if it is built around generating traffic.

Invest in channels that deliver results

When you identify the channel that brings the most visitors to your site, you can concentrate more on it to improve results.

Content Topics - Find out what's hot 

You can discover new content ideas by analyzing your traffic sources and bounce rates for each page, then using that data to perform keyword research.

Find out where your site has traffic gaps; 

To optimize a channel that does not attract visitors well, you need to identify it.

Google analytics traffic sources for a specific page

The easiest way to find out the traffic sources for a specific page is to log in to your Universal Google Analytics account (or go directly to the GA4 instructions) and navigate to Behavior » Site Content. Then you can select whether you want to see traffic sources for all of the pages on your website, the landing pages, or the exit pages from that point on. As you can see in this example, we describe how you can view the traffic sources of your site's landing pages. There are several reasons why this is imperative because these are the first pages that visitors will see when visiting your website.

Once you have done that, use the Secondary Dimension to search for Source/Medium under the Acquisition category. The following page you will see is a list of all landing pages on your website. Next, there will be a list of different sources of traffic to your website to see where your visitors came from before they came to your website. Additionally, you will be able to see the medium, which is how your visitors got to your website.

Now you must figure out how to use Google Analytics for your website and find out what traffic sources it receives. We, as the best digital marketing agency, also provide you with great services to increase your business to the top level.

How to check website traffic free

As a free service offered by Google, Analytics provides you with free tools to analyze your business data in one place to make better business decisions.

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